European Political Thought, 1815-1989


This accessible, eminently readable book provides an insightful overview of the political ideas that have shaped the modern world from the fall of Napoleon to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The combined effort of an American & a European scholar, European Political Thought, 1815-1989 gives a balanced account not only of a range of political theories that shaped modern times but also of the historical contexts from which these ideologies were born. With a vast range, lively prose, & uncommonly clear discussion of difficult ideas, Spencer Di Scala & Salvo Mastellone provide the ideal introduction to European political thought. Contents: Introduction: The Scope of Modern European Politics. FROM ELITES TO MASSES. Restoration Models & Utopian Constructions. Early Liberalism. Hegel: From Civil Society to State. Jacobin Equality & National Liberation. Democracy, Society, & Liberalism. Liberal Democracy. The Class Struggle: Socialism, Communism, & Social Democracy. Anarchism. Social Science & Politics. The Authoritarian State & Antiparliamentarianism. Popular Nationalism. AGE OF THE MASSES. Russian Communism. Italian Fascism. German Nazism. Opposing the One-Party State. The West: Marxism Versus Capitalism. Eastern Europe Versus the Soviet System. Models in Western European Political Thought.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1998


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