The Russian Parliamentary Elections of 1995: The Battle for the Duma


In its first modern parliamentary election campaign. Russia voted Communist. This definitive study of the December 1995 Duma elections. based on firsthand observation, interviews, and the unparalleled resources of the Open Media Research Institute in Prague, analyzes the Duma campaign from the adoption of the new electoral law through the tabulation of the final results.

The book examines
-- the rules of the game in Russia -- the electoral law;
-- Russia's complicated system of parliamentary representation;
-- why Russia has dozens of political parties and which appear to have some staying power;
-- the conduct of political campaigns, including platforms, electoral strategies, candidate appeals, and the role of money and the media;
-- demographic and regional characteristics of Russia, and which ones seem to be politically salient;
-- analysis of voting returns and comparisons with December 1993 results.


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