In Pursuit of Good Administration: Ministers, Civil Servants, and Judges


The importance of good administration is frequetly stressed by politicians, civil servants and judges. This book examines the concept against a background of extensive civil service reform, an increasingly interventionist judiciary, and exceptional executive/judicial tension. It looks at administrative and judicial perspectives, arguing that a public service model of good administration is giving way to a new public management model which supports different principles.It suggests that in many respects these principles, based on value for money and competition, sit uncomfortably with in the public sector and at times conflict with the principles upheld by the courts which have more in common woth a public service model. It concludes that now, more than ever, a Code of Good Administration is required. Such a Code would protect essential principles, enhance the constitutional authority of the courts with regard to judicial review, and, working alongside the Citizen's Charter, provide a blueprint for expected administrative standards within the civil service and beyond.