Making Bolsheviks


This volume represents six lectures, given under the auspices of the University College, of the University of Chicago, in the autumn of 1930 after a visit to Soviet Russia during the spring and summer. The lectures are reproduced substantially as they were delivered before an audience. The title under which the lectures were announced was "The New Cadres of Soviet Russia," with the indication for each lecture of the particular group which would be discussed: "The Communist Party-Worker," "The Young Communist," "The Shock-Brigade Workman," "The Collectivist-Peasant," "The Soviet Cultural-Worker," and "The Redarmyist." A Soviet cartoon, reproduced as the frontispiece of this volume, had suggested the title of the lectures, and particularly the use of the word "cadres"; and also had served as the basis on which were selected, from the many aspects of the Revolution in Soviet Russia, the particular subjects under which to present, in six lectures, some of the principles, methods, achievements, and further objectives of the Revolution.

The cartoon itself is historically interesting. It appeared in the November 7, 1929, number of one of the most important newspapers of the Soviet press, the "Young Communist Pravda," the official organ of the large and important Communist organization of the . . .


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