Revolt in the South

Revolt in the South

Revolt in the South

Revolt in the South


In the same way that it is the illusion of the South that it 'knows' the Negro, it is the illusion of the North that it has set him free. Both camps are deluded.

--James Baldwin

This fight will not end until every Negro, whether in Chicago or Jackson, Mississippi, can be treated as a first-class American citizen.

--A Negro student sit-in leader from Nashville, Tenn.

On a hot September morning in 1955 I sat in a Jackson, Mississippi, hotel room talking on the telephone to Robert "Tut" Patterson, a former Mississippi State football star who had recently founded the first chapter of the White Citizens Councils. Mr. Patterson had not long before been interviewed for the first time by a "Yankee Reporter"--Homer Bigart, then of the New York Herald Tribune, and one of the best newspapermen in the country--and was quoted in the lead of the story as informing Mr. Bigart that "This is not the United States of America; this is Sunflower County, Mississippi."

I was anxious to visit that sovereign province myself, but Mr. Patterson assured me he would have no more of Yankee reporters and wouldn't see . . .

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