In Place of Folly

In Place of Folly

In Place of Folly

In Place of Folly


A ONE-SENTENCE account of the human race has been written by Bertrand Russell:

An Epitome

"Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never refrained from any folly of which he was capable. The End."

The folly now clearly within the reach of man is the decimation of the human species and, indeed, the rejection of many of those vital environmental conditions that make life on this planet possible.

The purpose of this book is to contend that the world and everything in it can still be made safe for man. He can be at peace; he can be free; he can grow. In place of folly there can be sanity and purpose.

Life is made possible by the most precarious balancing act in the universe. A small shift in the distance of the earth to the sun could cause the earth either to freeze over or to burn up. A small increase in the total amount of radiation on earth could result in an assault on the nature of man.

The internal economy of the human being operates . . .

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