Prussian Memories, 1864-1914


Between the time of penning this little book and securing a courageous publisher, my sixtieth birthday arrived and brought me into the ranks of the elders. Henceforth I may claim the right to be reminiscent, not to say garrulous. I have crossed the ocean ninety times, three of the trips being under sail. Four times have I circumnavigated the globe -- once under sail. I have been in three shipwrecks and as many times have been pronounced dead by expensive men of medicine. My studies have drawn me to every tropical colony, and my travels have been largely afoot, on horseback, or in a canoe. My adventures have been few because it has been my practice to give careful study to the history of the countries I was about to visit. That is probably one reason why my dealings with natives have been uniformly satisfactory -- whether in Zululand or Borneo; China or New Guinea; the Black Sea or Baltic. Age has modified my views on many matters, notably on the relative value of man in . . .

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