History of the Art of War within the Framework of Political History - Vol. 2

History of the Art of War within the Framework of Political History - Vol. 2

History of the Art of War within the Framework of Political History - Vol. 2

History of the Art of War within the Framework of Political History - Vol. 2


"This intensive study will be useful for those familiar with the military and political history used by the author as background. In this excellent translation, based on the third edition of the work (Berlin, 1920), Renfroe has pointed out the very rare errors or oversights within the body of the text; his highly readable translation manages to retain the flavor of the original. Never before available in English, this volume will best serve special and academic libraries." -Library Journal


This translation into English of the second volume of Hans Delbrück's Geschichte der Kriegskunst im Rahmen der politischen Geschichte is based on the third edition of that volume, which was published in Berlin in 1921. It is a continuation of my translation of Delbrück's four volumes, the first of which was published by Greenwood Press in 1975.

As in the first volume, I have adhered as closely as possible to the original, both in spirit and style, without adding notes or comments.

The Greek and Latin quotations included by Delbrück throughout his text have been treated in the same way as in Volume I. Each Latin quotation has been retained, with the English translation normally following it in parentheses. in some cases, because of the length of the quotation, the Latin and English have been shown in parallel columns, and four passages were so long as to warrant separate placement in an appendix. in the latter cases, only the English translation is given in the body of the text. Greek passages appearing in Dëlbruck's text are given in the English translation only, with an asterisk following the final quotation mark to indicate this fact. Occasionally, where the interpretation of a Greek word or expression is vital to Delbrück's argument, a transliteration of the expression has been included.

In some cases where Delbrück quotes the Latin or Greek passage of one of the sources, he has incorporated the German translation in his text, and his words have been translated into English in the running text. in most cases, however, the translations into English from Greek and Latin have been provided by Dr. Everett L. Wheeler, Department of Classical Studies, Duke University, to whom I am greatly indebted for his important contribution to the overall work. Dr. Wheeler points out that, while some of the passages quoted by Delbrück have been revised in more recent editions of the original source material, he has based his translations on the readings appearing in Delbrück's text. in cases where a quoted passage lends itself to varying interpretations, Dr. Wheeler has given the interpretation that supports Delbrück's argument.

As in Volume I, distances are shown in kilometers in those passages . . .

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