This book is written for the doctor, basic scientist, or graduate student who finds that he would like to make use of the methods of electrical recording from living tissue that have been developed in the past few years.

It is written as a beginner's book rather than as a source book for accomplished scientists, and rigor and depth of treatment have, to some extent, been sacrificed so that the book can be read more easily. It will undoubtedly be supplemented by the practical instruction of the readers' associates and by the theoretical teatment in the reference books mentioned or in other places. It is intended as a background for this.

In using the word bioelectricity the author is thinking of the electric phenomena of the body and also of the technology involved in their study. The subject thus includes physiology, fundamental electricity, and a certain amount of electronics. The later chapters include partial descriptions of the total physiologic functioning which the bioelectric phenomena subserve. It is hoped that this material will be of assistance to physicists, engineers, and others, as well as to the doctor or biologic scientist.

The interpretation of experimental observations which the author prefers is supplied in cases where there is no universally accepted one.

The author wishes to express his appreciation of Dr. Chandler McC. Brooks as an experimenter and as an encourager and administrator of electrophysiologic research.


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