Quiet, Please

Quiet, Please

Quiet, Please

Quiet, Please



The Head , sculptured by Hollis H. Holbrook, faces

The Portrait , an Introduction, by Marjorie Burke, which begins on page XI.


1. Some of Which Borders on Egotism 3

2. About the Craft of Spoiling Paper 17

3. Of Reverting to Old Friendships 25

4. Regards Contentment in Compromise 40

5. Considers One-Third of Our Living 52

6. Conception and Birth of a Trinity 56

7. Attends on the Sublime Virginian 65

8. As to Several Laws of Dreamland 72

9. Remote Evolution of a Romantic 79

10. In Praise of an Exceeding Economy 89

11. Concerning Many Long Dead Persons 94

12. Which, at Last, Becomes Rational 101

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