Woodrow Wilson, the Dreamer and the Dream

Woodrow Wilson, the Dreamer and the Dream

Woodrow Wilson, the Dreamer and the Dream

Woodrow Wilson, the Dreamer and the Dream


Born in Staunton, Va., December 26,1856.

Was the twenty-eighth President of the United States.

Entered Princeton in 1875 as a member of the famous class of '79.

Stood forty-first in a class of 122.

Studied law in the University of Virginia after leaving Princeton.

Practiced in Atlanta, Ga., but gave it up to take a post graduate course in Johns Hopkins in political economy.

Finished his famous "Congressional Government" while a student there.

Married Miss Ellen Louise Axson, daughter of a clergyman, on June 24, 1885.

Became professor in Bryn Mawr that year.

Went to Wesleyan University in 1888.

In 1890 was called to Princeton as professor of jurisprudence and politics.

Twelve years later he became President of Princeton University.

Made his entrance into politics September 15, 1910, when he was nominated by the Democrats for Governor of New Jersey.

Was elected by a plurality of 50,000.

On July 2, 1912, was nominated by the Democrats at Baltimore Convention for President on the forty-sixth ballot.

Elected President November 4, 1912, receiving 435 electoral votes, and inaugurated March 4, 1918.

Ordered blockade of Mexico following insult to American flag by General Huerta, April 15, 1914.

Mrs. Wilson died August 6, 1914.

On May 2, 1915, delivered his famous "Too proud to fight" speech at Philadelphia.

Note sent to Germany warning against "murder on the high seas" following the sinking of the Lusitania on May 14, 1915.

Accepted resignation of Secretary of State Bryan as a result of the note to Germany, June 9, 1915.

Appointed Robert Lansing to fill the vacancy on June 11, 1915.

Married Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt, of Washington, on December 18, 1915.

Renominated for President on the slogan, "He kept us out of war" at St. Louis Convention, June 15, 1916.

Re-elected President on November 4, 1916, receiving 277 electoral votes.

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