The Development of the Sciences

The Development of the Sciences

The Development of the Sciences

The Development of the Sciences


The Yale Chapter of the Gamma Alpha Graduate Scientific Fraternity invited representatives of the various sciences at Yale University to cooperate in inaugurating a series of public lectures on the history of science, with the result that the following course was presented in 1920:

THE HISTORY OF THE SCIENCES Mathematics, Professor Ernest William Brown.
Physics, Professor Henry Andrews Bumstead.
Chemistry, Professor John Johnston.
Astronomy, Professor Frank Schlesinger.
Geology, Professor Herbert Ernest Gregory.
Biology, Professor Lorande Loss Woodruff.

It fell to the lot of the representative of Biology to act as editor of the present volume, which comprises the text of the lectures, together with appendices, biographical, bibliographical, etc.

To the many individuals and publishers who generously contributed portraits of representative scientists for illustrations, the thanks of the Fraternity is cordially extended.

The Editor desires to acknowledge the continued cooperation of those members of the Fraternity who initiated the lectures, especially Mr. Walter B. Lang, now of the United States Geological Survey, and Professors William L. Crum, Chester R. Longwell, and Everett O. Waters.


Yale University, December, 1922.

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