An Astronomer's Life

An Astronomer's Life

An Astronomer's Life

An Astronomer's Life


The material collected in this volume was primarily written as a record for my children and grandchildren without being intended for publication. After a considerable portion had been dictated, I was persuaded by friends to consider its publication as a record of life in an academic community during the last thirty years of the nineteenth century and as an account of scientific work in astronomy in a Midwestern setting during a similar period in the present century. Of course the book does not profess to be a treatise on astronomy, but it would have been quite incomplete without a rather full and somewhat technical reference to that branch of science in which my life work has been done. I have been asked to include in the book the William Vaughn Moody lecture which I gave at the University of Chicago in December, 1930, as this had not been published elsewhere.

The reader will note that for evident reasons no attempt has been made to keep the record entirely chronological, but in dealing with different topics it seemed necessary to pass back and forth in the sequence of time.

It would have been totally impossible that these memories and notes could have been presented in their present form without the devoted interest and the untiring efforts of my wife.

Some of the humorous portions relating to the life at Hanover have been quoted by permission of the author, Professor Edwin J. Bartlett, from A Dartmouth Book of Remembrance, published by the Webster Press, and grateful acknowledgment is hereby made. The stories, as a matter of fact, were entirely familiar to me before they were so well written by him.



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