Tito's Imperial Communism

Tito's Imperial Communism

Tito's Imperial Communism

Tito's Imperial Communism


This book is designed to describe some developments that have taken place in Yugoslavia since the beginning of the Second World War. It is not designed to be a textbook in history, nor to serve chiefly as a chronicle, but rather to point out the most salient features of a sad picture. It is an attempt to reveal the pattern in a tragic and extremely complex situation.

The pattern will indicate that the sixteen million South Slavs, inhabiting an area about the size of the state of Oregon, have passed under a ruthless totalitarian dictatorship, exceeding in regimentation and autocracy any regime to which they have been subjected during the last two centuries.

Practically every point treated in this book is controversial and may raise doubts in the mind of the reader. To obtain a clearer understanding of the extremely vital conflicts and trends, one would do well to heed the following admonitions:

First, it is a fatal mistake to believe that B is good because A was bad. Such an error leads one into hopeless confusion.

I believe the Karageorgevitch dynasty had bad kings along with the good. I am convinced that King Alexander I had very serious defects. But that fact in no way justifies the conclusion that Tito is a better ruler than Alexander was. As a matter of fact, Tito is much more lawless, cruel, and despotic than any other Yugoslav ruler has been.

It is also true that the Serbs are ardent, aggressive nationalists. They . . .

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