School Psychology: A Social Psychological Perspective

School Psychology: A Social Psychological Perspective

School Psychology: A Social Psychological Perspective

School Psychology: A Social Psychological Perspective


This impressive volume reintroduces the importance of -- and the contributions made by -- social psychology to school psychology. It provides an overview of the basic areas of social psychology (history, attitudes, attribution, attraction, and research methods) as well as the traditional school psychology functions (assessment, therapy, and consultation). To unite these two crucial areas, the editors and their contributors provide detailed discussions of specific educational and social issues such as substance abuse prevention and treatment, loneliness, cooperative versus competitive environments, and integration of handicapped and culturally different children. Based on classical, contemporary, and cutting-edge research and theory, this text should become an essential reference tool for all school psychologists.


Although clinical psychology is clearly related to medicine, it is quite as closely related to sociology and pedagogy

--Lightner Witmer

In 1907 Lightner Witmer conceived of a new profession using clinical methods in the examination and treatment of individuals with psychological disorders. Witmer termed the new profession clinical psychology because the word "clinical" best described his view of employing systematic observation and experimentation to effect change in individuals. Witmer saw mostly children drawn from schools in Pennsylvania and is credited with founding school psychology as well as clinical psychology.

Lightner Witmer, like many of his contemporaries, viewed the study of sociology and social psychology as critical to the diagnostic and treatment process. However, during the last century, and especially within the last 30 years, school psychology has moved away from its early sociological roots so that today few school psychologists have taken more than one survey course in social psychology. And, it is our belief that even fewer recognize the importance of social psychology for school psychologists.

It is with a great sense of pride and excitement that we have attempted to reintroduce the contributions of social psychology to school psychology in School Psychology: A Social Psychological Perspective. The book itself represents a merging and cross-fertilization of our own professional identities, the first author being primarily identified with school psychology and the second author with social psychology.

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