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World Communism Today

World Communism Today

World Communism Today


Communism is the most dynamic political force in the world today. Science has undermined religious faith. Fascism is beaten. Social Democracy is split into rival groups. Monarchy is dead. Parliaments battle out. dated procedures. Free enterprise is in retreat.

All over the world there is fear of communism. This is a fear of the unknown. The familiar may be disconcerting. It may even be recognized as dangerous. But it is the vague and shapeless that causes fear or panic. Communism, the great unknown of our time, wears the aura of a super. natural force.

World communism has shrouded itself in secrecy. It seems to work with mysterious and irresistible precision. Secrecy often guards weakness, errors of judgment, internal intrigues, human frailties. By making a fetish of secrecy, communism has made itself look invulnerable. It has also created irrational fear. As a seemingly all-knowing entity, it lends itself to extremes of adherence and opposition.

Communism is hailed as a salvation, or cursed as a menace. Its leaders are called heroes, or criminals. Its organization and plans are presented as the people's will, or as a gigantic conspiracy.

But who are these leaders? What are these plans? What is this organization?

To many of us, communism remains the great unknown, to be fostered or fought, defended or destroyed. But fear is not enough. And uncritical echoing of slogans is not enough. Communism is not something vague and threatening. It is not an enormous entity of supreme evil or supreme good.

Men organize communism. Written words convey its policies. Printing presses produce its propaganda. Artists design its posters. Cables carry . . .

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