Education for All American Children

Education for All American Children

Education for All American Children

Education for All American Children


The Educational Policies Commission has prepared this volume because it believes that elementary education is now entering a period of significant change. Such a time of transition is the best occasion for the development of long-range plans in the light of coherent policies.

This is the third volume in a series issued by the Commission. In 1944, the Commission issued Education for All American Youth, which dealt with the years from the junior high school through the junior college. In 1945, the Commission issued Educational Services for Younger Children, in which it recommended the extension of school services downward to at least the third or fourth year of life and outlined the characteristics of an educational program for children of these early years.

The present volume fits in between the other two. It focuses upon the elementary schools, from the kindergarten through the sixth grade, although some of its recommendations will apply to a wider range of ages.

This volume is organized in two parts.

Part I describes a series of hypothetical schools and school systems as we hope and believe they may be developed in the next ten years. Part I, therefore, is written in such a way as to describe these hypothetical schools as they might appear to an observer in 1958.

Part II, on the other hand, brings together reports of firsthand observation of excellent practices in elementary schools, as they are now.

The Commission wishes to emphasize that, although these practices are worthy of study by elementary schools everywhere, it does not wish or expect that these descriptions of good schools will be slavishly copied. Such a misuse of this book would ignore the importance of local initiative in education. Still worse, it would not improve the fundamental char-

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