The Explanation of Human Behaviour

The Explanation of Human Behaviour

The Explanation of Human Behaviour

The Explanation of Human Behaviour


Most people who have been reading Psychology are impressed with the variety of the data and theories which appear in the literature. Very often the need arises to consider the methodology of the subject so that much of the data may be orientated and the standing of Psychology, relative to other disciplines, reviewed.

It is hoped that the present work may indicate some of the important problems of the subject and promote a sympathetic understanding of the difficulties with which authors of systems in Psychology contend. The treatment is not highly specialised. The work may be read by any thoughtful person who is interested in Psychology or any student of the other sciences who may care to look over the fence to learn what some of the basic problems of Psychology are and the manner in which they have been treated.

My thanks are due to Dr. Charles Strachan for helpful discussions and to Professor C. A. Mace for his encouragement and advice. They are in no way responsible for any errors which the book may contain. My thanks are also due to Professor A. R. Knight, Mr. Harvey Turnbull and Miss Lydia Reid for reading the typescript, and to Mr. R. Thomson and Mr. Douglas Graham for help with the proofs.

Grateful acknowledgement is extended to the following publishers for permission to use material from their publications. American Psychological Association, Appleton Century-Crofts Inc., British Journal of Educational Psychology, British Journal of Psychology, A. & C. Black Ltd., Cambridge University Press, Duke University Press, Editions Payot, Hogarth Press, J. B. Lippincott Co., Longmans, Green & Co., McGraw-Hill Book Co., Macmillan & Co. Ltd., Methuen & Co., Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., University of California Press, Williams & Norgate Ltd.

The University of Durham F. V. SMITH


June 1951 . . .

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