An Italian Visit

An Italian Visit

An Italian Visit

An Italian Visit


TOM So here we are, we three, bound on a new experience.

DICK Three persons in one man, bound for the Eternal City.

HARRY We're not as young as we were, but Italy's some years older.

TOM Listen, I don't much fancy antiques myself; we've had some.

Ruins fetch nothing today. The Forum, the Farringdon Market,
The Colosseum, Hiroshima - death's death, however you look at it,
However composed the remains. Time enough for such bric-à-brac when
My silver cord is loosed, my arches are fallen. Oh no, if
It's ruins you're after, we'll soon be parting company.

DICK Wait!

There are ruins and ruins. Some mature their memories, feed them
On seeding love-spores blown from age to age; or it may be
Their ghosts fly back like a silver skein of doves when the crash
Of the fall that tumbled them out has died away. It is these ghosts
I'm going to look for.

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