Light Velocity and Relativity

Light Velocity and Relativity

Light Velocity and Relativity

Light Velocity and Relativity


The Einstein theory has seemingly gained the acceptance of scientists generally, and for that reason I had taken for granted that the theory was valid and well confirmed.

It was a great surprise to me, therefore, when Dr. Otis informed me that after six years of intensive study of the theory he had come to the conclusion that the theory is in need of substantial revision. This is so particularly because I have been well acquainted with Dr. Otis for forty years and have great respect for his keen analytical mind. He is known internationally for his pioneer work in the measurement of intelligence.

Dr. Otis has described to me in detail his method of evaluation of the theory as set forth in this brochure together with the reasons he finds a major portion of it unacceptable in spite of the seeming confirmations. I find no flaw in his reasoning and am obliged to agree with his findings. His presentation of the evidence of the spectroscope against the theory is most convincing.

It is true that many of the findings of science appear to be quite in accord with the theory and are generally regarded as confirming the theory. Dr. Otis has convinced me, however, that from the point of view of logic the fault of the theory is internal — that it has contradictory consequences that render it unacceptable in spite of the seeming confirmations. It seems very probable that the contradictory consequences that Dr. Otis has pointed out have escaped the attention of scientists, having come to light only as the result of a special graphic method of analysis that Dr. Otis has developed and which seems never to have been applied before to the theory.

It has often been said that the Einstein theory has required us to completely revise our ideas of time and space, adopting the concept of the relativity of time. Dr. Otis has shown that this is not at all necessary — that we can adhere to the time-honored concept of the universality of time.

Dr. Otis is a relativist — having accepted Einstein's concepts of the relativity of motion and the uniformity of the laws of nature; but he has combined these concepts with that of the universality of time to give us a classical theory of relativity which in my judgment will eventually gain acceptance in place of the Einstein theory.

Earl R. Glenn, Ph.D.

Formerly Professor of Physics and
Head of the Department of Science
Montclair State Teachers College
Montclair, New Jersey.

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