This book is intended as a travelling guide for those who want to go sightseeing in the domain of econometrics: a guide through the literature, trying to depict the character of the territory and indicating its highest peaks on the map.

It has been assumed that those interested are not mathematically trained economists. Economic knowledge, therefore, has been presupposed, but no more mathematics than some elementary secondary-school algebra and some knowledge of graphic presentation. An attempt has been made particularly to lay bare the logical foundations; and, in addition, to describe somewhat more systematically the results achieved thus far. As a young branch of science, econometrics can only be learned from periodical articles; as yet it has no textbooks.

May this guide stimulate the desire for travelling!

We acknowledge our thanks to Mrs. J. W. Rijken van Olst, who has rendered valuable assistance in the translation and in the preparation of the English manuscript, and to Professor Harold M. Somers of the University of Buffalo, who revised the English manuscript for publication.

J. T.

H. R. v. 0.

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