Defeating Mau Mau

Defeating Mau Mau

Defeating Mau Mau

Defeating Mau Mau


Mau Mau is losing ground rapidly with the masses of the Kikuyu, but it would be foolish to attempt to predict when it will be completely defeated.

The means of defeating it are not only the use of arms manpower and physical warfare. Much more depends upon a full understanding of the reason why Mau Mau obtained such a hold on the people, how it was organised, and what must be done to alter the minds of the people who have been seduced by its false promises, and upon removing genuine grievances and causes of discontent.

Very serious consideration must also be given to the fact that Mau Mau became a religion and that other beliefs must now be made available to take the place of Mau Mau-ism, which is being abandoned by many who joined the movement.

While I am sure that the simple teachings of Christ can provide the answer for this, I am less sure that the Churches will be willing to free themselves from so much which is in their rules and which goes beyond fundamental Christianity. Some of these things have in the past been a stumbling block to many Africans who sincerely wished to follow Christ.

In this new book I have tried to provide material that will help to defeat Mau Mau, heal the mental wounds that have been inflicted upon all races in Kenya, and prevent similar outbreaks in the future.

While this book is complete in itself, a fuller picture can be obtained by also reading my earlier work Mau Mau and the Kikuyu in which I dealt with the background of Mau Mau.

L. S. B. L.

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