Commonwealth History of Massachusetts - Vol. 1


To produce a history of Massachusetts is a great responsibility. No state in the Union has had a richer and more varied experience; none but Virginia has enjoyed so long a history; none certainly has been the subject of such varied and detailed accounts of particular areas and of selected periods. The titles of the published books relating to Massachusetts and its subdivisions -- counties, cities and towns -- in general and local histories, in biographies, topographical works, accounts of special epochs or activities, etc. -- taken together they count up to thousands.

As for historical writers, has not Massachusetts been for years the most fruitful garden of American historiography? The hundred writers of the Commonwealth History have partaken of the historical training which began withBradford Plimouth,Winthrop New England,Hutchinson Massachusetts,Cotton Mather Magnalia,Bancroft United States, Parkman's works on French relations,Motley Dutch Republic,Prescott Ferdinand and Isabella,Barry Massachusetts, James Truslow Adams Founding of New England,Palfrey New England, Prince Chronology,Neal New England, Sparks's biographical series,Felt Ecclesiastical History, Lodge Colonies and Washington,Channing History of the United States, and many others.

In truth, Massachusetts is at the same time affluent and indigent in historical literature. Of the great names mentioned above, some have chosen fields entirely outside of America; most of them have dealt with American history in the large; and the few who have undertaken to write the history of Massachusetts specifically, have paused in their task at a date a hundred years before their pens took to paper. A great part of the remaining historical fervor has gone into local histories and into biography. So with the large number of active historical societies in Massachusetts several of which . . .

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  • John Gould Curtis
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  • G. Andrews Moriarity
  • Theodore E. Busfield
  • John Dickinson
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  • 1927


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