And in the Human Heart

And in the Human Heart

And in the Human Heart

And in the Human Heart


Bend as the bow bends, and let fly the shaft,

the strong cord loose its word as light as flame;

speak without cunning, love, as without craft,

careless of answer, as of shame or blame.

This to be known, that love is love, despite

knowledge or ignorance, truth, untruth, despair;

careless of all things, if that love be bright,

careless of hate and fate, careless of care.

Spring the word as it must, the leaf or flower,

broken or bruised, yet let it, broken, speak

of time transcending this too transient hour,

and space that finds the beating heart too weak.

Thus, and thus only, will our tempest come

by continents of snow to find a home.

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