Birkenau: The Camp of Death

Birkenau: The Camp of Death

Birkenau: The Camp of Death

Birkenau: The Camp of Death


This memoir details the experiences of a Greek Jew in Hitler's concentration camps. Marco Nahon, a physician educated at the University of Beirut, was practicing medicine and living with his family in the small Thracian town of Dhidhimoteichon (Dimotika), already in Nazi hands, when the Germans began rounding up Jews.


Dr. Nahon is a Jew of Greek nationality who once practiced medicine in his native country with an M.D. degree from the Faculté Française de Médecine et de Pharmacie at the University of Beirut, Lebanon. He suffered the fate of most of the Jews in the countries occupied by Hitler during World War II: with all of his family he was deported to the annihilation camp of Auschwitz- Birkenau, which he and his son alone survived. They now live in the United States.

Dr. Nahon has told the story of his experience with objectivity as a prime concern. During his captivity he believed that he would be obligated to do so if he ever emerged alive. Dr. Nahon strongly feels, as we do, that this true account deserves to take its place in the gruesome record of war lest we forget.

A typescript copy of the French original was deposited by the author in the archives of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, where Steven Bowman read it in 1978 during the course of his initial researches into the tragic fate of Greek Jews during World War II. Several years later, Bowman learned from Nora Levin of Gratz College that Dr. Nahon was still alive at ninety-two and was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An interview with Dr. Nahon was arranged, at which time a first-draft translation of the memoir was obtained with the intent to submit it to the University of Alabama Press for publication in its Judaica series. The original translator was asked to prepare the revised version, which is now the text of the present volume.

During the course of several interviews with Dr. Na hon . . .

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