The World's Famous Orations - Vol. 2

The World's Famous Orations - Vol. 2

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The World's Famous Orations - Vol. 2

The World's Famous Orations - Vol. 2

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VOL. II--ROME (218 B.C.--84 A.D.)


PUBLIUS CORNELIUS SCIPIO--To His Army Before Battle (218 B.C.)3

HANNIBAL--Address to His Soldiers (218 B.C.)9

CATO THE CENSOR--In Support of the Oppian Law (215 B.C)14

SCIPIO AFRICANUS MAJOR--To His Mutinous Troops (203 B.C.)23

THE GRACCHI--I Fragments by Tiberius Gracchus (About 133 B.C.)31

II Fragments by Caius Gracchus (About 122 B.C.)35

CAIUS MEMMIUS--On a Corrupt Oligarchy (About 110 B.C.)37

CAIUS MARIUS--On Being Accused of a Low Origin (106 B.C.)43

CICERO--I The First Oration Against Verres (70 B.C.)51

II In Opposition to a New Agrarian Law (61 B.C.)71

III The First Oration Against Catiline (63 B.C.)93

IV The Second Oration Against Catiline (63 B.C.)113

V In Behalf of Archias the Poet (61 B.C.)131

VI The First Oration Against Mark Antony (44 B.C.)148

VII The Second Oration Against Mark Antony (44 B.C.)169

MARK ANTONY--His Oration Over the Dead Body of Cæsar (44 B.C.)200

CATILINE--I An Exhortation to Conspiracy (63 B.C.) 216

II To His Army Before His Defeat in Battle (63 B.C.)219

JULIUS CæSAR--On the Punishment of the Catiline Conspirators (63 B.C.)222

CATO THE YOUNGER--On the Punishment of the Catiline Conspirators (63 B.C.)230

GERMANICUS--I To His Mutinous Troops (14 A.D.)237

II To His Friends When Dying (19 A.D.)240

SENECA--To Nero When in Disfavor (62 A.D.)242

OTHO--I On Becoming Emperor (69 A.D.)245

II To His Soldiers in Rome (69 A.D.)248

III To His Soldiers Before Committing Suitide (69 A.D.)251

AGRICOLA--To His Army in Scotland (84 A.D.)253

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