Backtalk: Women Writers Speak Out


This book contains fifteen in-depth interviews with important contemporary women writers from the United States, England, Ireland, and the Caribbean. The authors, who come from different racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds and sexual orientations, are all committed to telling the stories of people, especially women, who have been silenced in the past. By breaking silence, these writers are changing the face of contemporary literature. In direct, provocative conversation, these writers discuss their work and other topics: the influence of family members and their native communities, getting started as writers, writing as women, the role of "literary tradition" in helping or hindering their growth, the responsibility of the writer to the community, the question of writing accessibly versus experimenting, the energizing power of anger, the politics of publishing, and the impact of one's race, ethnicity, class, gender, and/or sexual orientation on getting read, published, and reviewed.


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