What's News: The Media in American Society


The twelve thought-provoking essays comprising What's News review recent trends and events that have serious implications for both print and broadcast media in America. These timely studies examine the modern American media in its social, economic, and political context and address issues of current concern regarding the media's approach to and treatment of news. What's News focuses on the growth of the news business as big business and considers the rights of readers and viewers, the accountability of the media to their audience, and recent court decisions on First Amendment cases.

Contents and Contributors: Theodore Peterson, "The Historical Framework"; James Rosse, "The Economic Setting"; Benno Schmidt, "The Media and Government: How Much Constraint to What End?"; Ithiel de Sola Pool, "The New Technologies: Their Promise of Abundant Channels at Lower Cost"; William Porter, "The Media Baronies: Bigger, Fewer, More Powerful"; Edward J. Epstein, "How Media Institutions Process Reality"; William Henry, "News as Entertainment: The Search for Dramatic Unity"; Michael Robinson, "Presidential Elections as TV Drama"; Robert L. Bartley, "The Business of News and the News of Business"; John Hulteng, "The Rights of Readers and Viewers: Avenues of Accountability"; George Comstock, "Social and Cultural Impacts"; Elie Abel, "Conclusion".

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Theodore Peterson
  • James N. Rosse
  • Benno C. Schmidt Jr.
  • Ithiel De Sola Pool
  • William E. Porter
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • San Francisco
Publication year:
  • 1981


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