Readings in Modern Methods of Counseling

Readings in Modern Methods of Counseling

Readings in Modern Methods of Counseling

Readings in Modern Methods of Counseling


In this volume the editor has endeavored to present a fairly systematic account of modern counseling theory, practice, and research as found in recent periodical literature.

The decision to organize and publish these materials in the form of a source book of readings came as a result of the difficulties which the editor encountered in attempting to provide students in advanced counseling courses with appropriate reading materials. The first of these difficulties was the paucity of texts incorporating recent thinking and research.

More influential, however, was the editor's conviction that students should obtain first-hand acquaintance with original sources in order to 1) develop the habit of reading the professional periodical literature, 2) become more critical of textbook and classroom generalizations, and 3) develop a research orientation to the problems of counseling.

Practically, however, it often creates difficulties when students are referred to the periodical literature. In many instances library facilities are limited in comparison with the large number of persons seeking the same materials at the same time, or in any case during a given semester. In some institutions the available budget cannot be stretched to provide for purchase of certain items. Other minor irritations appear. The familiar "out to faculty," or "in the bindery" puts a strain on faculty-student-librarian relationships, while the wear and tear on the available journals becomes the despair of the library staff. Having encountered all these circumstances at different institutions at different times, the editor is perhaps unduly sensitive to the ways in which they conspire to defeat desired educational objectives.

Limitations on library resources are not unique to the lot of students. It is anticipated that this collection of papers will fill a very real gap in the reading of working counselors. Probably the major share of counseling in this country is carried on by persons who do not have ready access to the publications represented in this volume and who, in consequence, are uninfluenced in their daily activities by recent theory or practice.

Although the editor has attempted to organize and systematize these materials in a meaningful manner, the reader should not assume that he . . .

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