America in English Fiction, 1760: 1800

America in English Fiction, 1760: 1800

America in English Fiction, 1760: 1800

America in English Fiction, 1760: 1800


I am glad to acknowledge here various obligations which I have incurred in completing this study.

I am especially indebted to Dean Charles W. Pipkin, Director of the Louisiana State University Studies, and to Professor Marcus M. Wilkerson, Director of the Louisiana State University Press, for making possible the publication of the study.

Professor C. N. Greenough of Harvard University suggested the subject to me and gave me much generous aid in the treatment of copious material. He has given me unlimited access to his invaluable Catalogue of Prose Fiction (hereinafter referred to as Professor Greenough's Catalogue), on which I have been dependent for lists of works, dates of first editions, authorship of books published anonymously, and a great deal of other information which I have acknowledged, as far as possible, in the notes. Dr. Frank G. Black, formerly Professor Greenough's assistant, let me draw constantly on his detailed knowledge of the Catalogue, and, in reading my manuscript, he has, with characteristic generosity, placed at my disposal his immense knowledge of eighteenth-century prose fiction.

Various colleagues and fellow-students have contributed information and suggestions. Dr. A. J. Bryan has not only read the manuscript and made valuable criticisms but has also shown the kindest interest in the progress of the work. Mr. Fred H. Fenn has generously done the diagrams which appear in Chapter II.

The staff of the Harvard College Library have shown me their customary helpfulness and courtesy and have permitted me to rely extensively on inter-library loans. Mr. Robert Haynes has been unfailingly kind to me, whether I have been resident student or visitor. The New York Public Library has permitted me to consult volumes in its Rare Book Room.

My wife, Ruth Champlin Heilman, has been patient in the long drudgery of checking references, correcting manuscript, and reading proof, and I have adopted many of her suggestions about form and style.


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