A Journal of the McKinley Years

A Journal of the McKinley Years

A Journal of the McKinley Years

A Journal of the McKinley Years


This book of contemporaneous notes gives an inside and authoritative account of the policies and personal life of William McKinley as President of the United States.

It gives the reactions of his mind to the critical issues before him and the country in the period just preceding the Spanish War. It throws light on the decisions made after the war which determined our foreign policy. It presents the true picture of the relations of McKinley and Hanna and gives the record of the explicit order to Hanna at the Republican National Convention in 1900 in Philadelphia to cease an effort to prevent the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt as Vice President. It makes public for the first time, the exact amounts expended by the Republican Committee in the national campaigns of 1892-1896- 1900 and 1904.

It is a source book of the history of the McKinley administration and the political contests of that period. It should have been published years ago.

Of all the intimate friends and official associates of William McKinley, twenty-fifth President of the United States, Charles Gates Dawes was destined to live longest after the passing of our third martyred President.

Excepting only Marcus Alonzo Hanna, whose death came 46 years ago, Dawes played the most decisive part in sending McKinley to the White House. Before he was 30 Dawes began to work for McKinley's Presidential nomination. At 31 years of age young Dawes was entrusted with the most vital single task of the McKinley pre-nomination campaign, the bringing of the Illinois delegates to the Republican National Convention into the McKinley camp.

That task accomplished against one of the toughest political machines of that findesiecle era of ruthless political machines, he was placed second in command in the Republican campaign of 1896 and made responsible for all funds used by the Re-

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