The Great Giveaway, the Realities of Foreign Aid

The Great Giveaway, the Realities of Foreign Aid

The Great Giveaway, the Realities of Foreign Aid

The Great Giveaway, the Realities of Foreign Aid


During the lifetime of millions of present-day Americans, we have grown from the magic lantern to television--from phonograph cylinders to globe-girdling radio--from balloons to jets--from mortars to atomic bombs.

Americans of our day pioneered these technological miracles just as our forefathers in their time pioneered the wilderness of the West. Theirs was the fearless spirit that developed our American continent from Plymouth Rock to the Golden Gate. Then, as now, the dominant motive was our great love of freedom; the right of every man, from the humblest to the mightiest, to say what he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases. This we can do as individuals and through our free press and other uncontrolled media.

However, the lives of Americans of our day are so rapidly paced and so filled with the problems of daily living that most of us are prone to neglect and to leave to others those vital matters that in reality form the core of our very existence.

For a dozen years, our country has been engaged in a great adventure--an effort to rebuild the civilizations of two stricken continents. We have been trying to strengthen the sinews of nations that lay prostrate after a devastating war.

This global assignment for the uplift of foreign peoples, we have created of our own volition. To its successful achievement we have dedicated our energies, our skills and our dollars in an avalanche of aid, the equal of which has never been approached by any nation since the dawn of history.

What have we done?

How have we done it?

At what cost?

With what results?

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