Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings

Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings

Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings

Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings


A leader in the Neo-Impressionist movement, the French painter Paul Signac is represented in this volume through 133 watercolors and drawings--the only book in print on this well-loved artist. 157 illustrations, 140 in color.


The Arkansas Arts Center is honored to present 133 drawings and watercolors by Paul Signac, a leader of the Neo-Impressionist and Divisionist movement. James T. Dyke's collection spans five decades of Signac's work. These works on paper are, for the most part, unpublished and have never been exhibited as a group.

Signac's art is about looking, interpreting, and giving substance to what is seen, thought, and felt. Through his eyes, we are carried on an incredible journey: landscapes, still lifes, ports, towns, boats, and bridges are seen and stated with clarity and conviction. Some of his works are small, sparkling jewels of color; others are large classical preparatory studies; many are simply masterful drawings and watercolors. Signac uses bold washes of ink, discerning color, and descriptive lines as he documents his travels and observations. Interestingly, the passing of tranquillity with the advent of twentieth-century technology is treated with caring detachment. His objective nature, acute eye, and sensitivity allow him to make art out of what is before him. It is a revelation to experience the universe of Paul Signac.

Unique works on paper are the main focus of our museum collection; consequently, it is especially meaningful for the Arkansas Arts Center to offer this collection, exhibition, and catalogue of superb drawings and watercolors by Paul Signac. I would like to thank James Dyke for generously donating his incredible collection to our museum. the match is perfect in our effort to recognize drawings as a major form of art.

I am indebted to Christian Neffe for his research, documentation, and thoroughness in the preparation of the collection notes that appear in the exhibition and catalogue. For her insight, knowledge, and important essay on Signac and his work, I am thankful to Marina Ferretti Bocquillon.

Through the years, I have watched this collection grow and evolve. the joy I have witnessed was in the specialness of each work, not in the act of acquisition. I am grateful to the collector, James T. Dyke, for many things, but most of all for his love of drawing.

--TOWNSEND wolfe Director and Chief Curator of the Arkansas Arts Center . . .

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