Reverse Discrimination

Reverse Discrimination

Reverse Discrimination

Reverse Discrimination


Writings by sociologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers, and philosophers present opposing views on whether members of racial, religious, or ethnic groups or of a sex against whom discrimination has been practiced should be given preferred treatment with regard to education and jobs.


I have striven for balance in this collection of writings and aimed to present as many interesting and opposed points of view as possible in that weighing of argument in moral reasoning which Aristotle tells us is the best for which we can hope. If the reader finds a section inclined to one side of the issue, I hope he will find another inclined to the opposite.

There is material enough for a collection much larger than this one. Considerations of space and reprint rights have worked to constrain that material to the size here presented. I have cut some selections where the views presented overlapped with others in the collection, but I have tried to maintain the essential integrity of the piece in each case.

I have to thank James Nickel and Miro Todorovich for many helpful insights, references, and for much bibliography. the Honorable James J. Oakes drew my attention to the article by Terrance Sandalow. My thanks are due especially to Sidney Hook for his constant encouragement of this project.

Barry Gross New York, N.Y. January 1977 . . .

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