On Theory and Verification in Sociology

On Theory and Verification in Sociology

On Theory and Verification in Sociology

On Theory and Verification in Sociology


We may have many concepts but few confirmed theories; many points of view, but few theorems; many 'approaches" but few arrivals. Perhaps a shift in emphasis would be all to the good."

Robert K. Merton


More than half of the material in this little book is new in the sense that it was not included in its first edition. Deletions from the first edition are equally extensive; also, everything relating to definitions, taxonomy, and descriptive studies has been reserved for a later, separate treatment.

In making these revisions I have benefited greatly from comments on the first edition. I would like to thank particularly Professors B. Andersson, G. Boalt, E. Dahlström, T. Hopkins, G. Karlsson, and P. F. Lazarsfeld for their helpful reviews. Parts of the material added to this edition have appeared in German, Italian, and Polish. I am especially grateful for the detailed comments on the German version given by Professors P. F. Lazarsfeld and H. Wold.

It is a coincidence that looks like a forethought that I was in Sweden during both writings of this work. The initial writing was done in 1952 at Professor Segerstedt's Institute at Uppsala University, and the present revision was done in 1963 at Professor Dahlström's Institute at Gothen burg University . . .

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