The Right to Counsel in American Courts

The Right to Counsel in American Courts

The Right to Counsel in American Courts

The Right to Counsel in American Courts


This study of the right to counsel in American courts has been undertaken in the belief that a detailed analysis of the cases and other relevant literature might convey to lawyers, judges, and students of our judicial system a more accurate knowledge of the present content of the right to counsel and of its possible future development.

An examination of the cases and the literature is not enough, however, to give one an understanding of how a right is extended in practice, and, so far as time and financial resources have permitted, I have observed court proceedings and have interviewed lawyers, trial judges, and members of prosecutors' staffs in order to gain insights which the printed page inevitably denies. I wish here to record my appreciation to the Princeton University Research Committee for a grant which made possible a widening of the "live" research program.

No project of this kind can be accomplished without help. The staff of the law library at the University of Michigan, Mr. Frank Hudon, of the United States Supreme Court Library, the staff of the State Law Library, Trenton, New Jersey, and of the Firestone Library, Princeton University, gave freely of their professional services, for which I am most grateful.

Of the many judges, prosecutors, and lawyers who coöperated, Judge James A. Breakey, Jr., Judge J. Louis Comerford, Hon. Frank P. Ashemeyer, and Messrs. Lewis E. Boess and Charles Symmes were particularly helpful, and exceedingly generous with their time.

My father, and several lawyer friends of long standing, Messrs. Shubrick T. Kothe, John R. Chapin, Robert O. Hancox, Neil McKay, and John Stoddert, made it possible to interview many of those who are actively participating in the judicial system, and gave me aid and comfort in other forms.

A debt of quite a different nature is owed Miss Alice B. McGinty . . .

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