U. S. Private and Government Investment Abroad

U. S. Private and Government Investment Abroad

U. S. Private and Government Investment Abroad

U. S. Private and Government Investment Abroad


In 1957 the Ford Foundation made a grant to the University of Oregon to finance research in the field of United States private and public investment abroad. This book constitutes a portion of the results of the research made possible under this grant; other aspects of this research have been reflected in treatises already published or in additional work now going forward which will be the subject of future publications.

This book represents the work of many individuals, not all of whose names appear as the authors of the individual chapters. I should like, therefore, to recognize the important assistance given by the following University of Oregon graduate students in the preparation of this volume: Robert W. Adler, William E. Bedsworth, Albert R. Gutowsky, A. Gerlof Homan, Raymond Staepelaere, John W. Tanner, Richard C. Williams, and Max von Zur-Muehlen. Joan Lewis was administrative assistant to the editor and was responsible for the preparation of the manuscript. I also acknowledge a debt to the University of Oregon's Bureau of Business Research for providing the services of Catherine Lauris , who edited the manuscript. Finally, I express my appreciation to the University of Oregon Publications Committee, and especially to its secretary, George N. Belknap, University Editor.

The bulk of the publication expenses for producing this book have been met by the University of Oregon Publications Committee. Supplemental grants for its publication were made by the Oregon Development Fund and the Office of Scientific and Scholarly Research.

We appreciate the kindness of the various publishers in granting permission to reproduce charts and other material in this book; numerous sources are acknowledged and special references are made in the footnotes.


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