The Structure of Metaphysics

The Structure of Metaphysics

The Structure of Metaphysics

The Structure of Metaphysics


In these papers I have tried to win my way to an understanding of the nature of metaphysics, and I am only too well aware of the difficulty and uncertainty with which I proceed and of how far I fall short of my goal. Although these papers have a unity of purpose, each paper represents a fresh start and was written without a cautious eye to what I had already said elsewhere. Circumspect consistency has been no part of my aim. The attentive reader is certain, thus, to discover not only clumsy and misleading exposition, which first attempts to view a complex subject through a new medium make inevitable, but also inconsistencies. My hope is that these will serve to stimulate him to do further work in a field in which too little is being done. He will also see that I return a number of times to the question as to the nature of a priori necessity. I do this because, in my opinion, getting clear on this question is of first importance to the understanding of metaphysics.

Three of the essays in the present collection (II, X and XII) have not appeared before in print. For permission to reprint the other essays it is my pleasant duty to thank the editors of the following journals and books:--

Analysis, Mind, The Philosophical Review, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.

Philosophical Analysis, Cornell University Press; The Philosophy of G. E. Moore, The Library of Living Philosophers, Vol. IV.

Northampton, Massachusetts, MORRIS LAZEROWITZ

January 1915.

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