African-American Women's Health and Social Issues

African-American Women's Health and Social Issues

African-American Women's Health and Social Issues

African-American Women's Health and Social Issues


A contributed book written by African-American women--scholars, professionals, and administrators--working with the problems that plague their communities. These women, tired of reading about themselves from nonblack and male perspectives, have confronted the problems of health concerns, substance abuse, homelessness, transracial adoption, and other social and health issues from their unique viewpoints.


This book's contributors are African-American women who are sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable about the health and social issues that plague their communities. For too many years the literature on these issues has been dominated by white male writers, followed by white females and black males, who all believe that they know what we want, when we know that the best authority about us, is us.

From this premise the deplorable health and social conditions that African-American women have to endure are explored from our authentic voices in 12 dynamic chapters. The book begins with a Commentary on the Health and Social Status of African-American Women, which will help the reader to better understand the thrust of the chapters that follow.

In Part I, Health Issues, Chapter 1 presents AIDS, the worse pandemic to be unleashed on the African-American female. This disease, which is the leading cause of death for African-American women of childbearing age in the states of New York and New Jersey, where they comprise 72% of the population diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, is brought to the forefront from an Afrocentric perspective.

One of the most insidious diseases affecting the health of African-American women, lupus, is discussed in Chapter 2. Not only is this disease difficult to diagnose, there is a need to expand professional and public . . .

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