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Color is a progressive art. In painting, sculpture, literature, the drama, it is quite debatable if modern accomplishments surpass those of the past in quality of expression. The modern artist may be different; but is he superior?

Yet with color, there is a long history of achievement and increased knowledge. The physicist has exposed many of the mysteries of the nature and manifestations of light. The chemist has performed miracles in the making of dyestuffs and pigments. Most remarkable, scientists in the fields of psychology and physiological optics have probed the wonders of sensation and perception and given the world a revealing picture of the human nature of vision unrecognized in the past.

This book has been many years in the making. While it draws much from tradition, its chief effort has been to explore new realms of creation. Where the Impressionist of a past generation went to the physicist for new concepts in the manipulation of color, the modern approach has led to the laboratory of the psychologist.

Understand that in dealing with the phenomena of perception, the scientist has not been primarily concerned with art. His struggle has been to understand why man sees the way he does, how he senses form, space, color, how he orients himself within the world, and how much the human brain and human intelligence contribute to the magic process of seeing.

It has been the writer's problem to delve into all this, to try his best to comprehend, and then to interpret technical findings in esthetic terms-- reducing his conclusions to fairly simple principles which might be comprehended without undue difficulty. This has not been an offhand chore by any means. Yet just as the Impressionist founded a new school of color in his day, so does it become possible to travel along new paths cleared by the psychologist and to establish still another and better school for the future.

Human perception is a fascinating area of study for the simple reason that it is related to the firsthand experience of everyone. It is not something apart from life, but intimately tied in with it. Thus everyone has access to the laboratory of his own consciousness. The way may not be too easy, but at least it is personal and not remote.

As a book, Creative Color illustrates and shows whereof it speaks. If what it has to say may seem involved and theoretical at times, what it has to show in color effect is straightforward enough. However, if what the reader sees does not happen to strike his fancy, it is hoped at least that some originality will be evident. It is this originality which has been the true purpose of the book.

In any event, the writer makes no pretense at being an artist. He has tried his best to inspire, honestly hoping that men of far more competent talent will pick up from where these pages leave off and reach new goals of expression to mark still further progress in the age-old art of color.


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