Socialism before the French Revolution: A History


English literature has been singularly deficient in the history of social theory, and it is especially in the domain of social reform that this gap has been most evident. The present-day socialist movement has so engrossed the attention of most observers that even the historical studies of this subject have been largely confined to the period since the French Revolution and particularly to that of socalled scientific socialism. The foreign literatures have paid slightly more attention to some of the movements from the close of the Middle Ages, but there is to-day no satisfactory general account in any language of socialist doctrines before the end of the eighteenth century. The study of Mr. Guthrie is therefore to be welcomed as the first comprehensive attempt to fill the gap.

It will be easy for the reader to discern that the author is well fitted for the task which he has allotted to himself. A thorough familiarity with the foreign languages, a wide acquaintance with the details of the literature, and a grasp of the economic principles involved, -- these are some of the characteristics of this little book. But there are especially . . .

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1907


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