People under Hitler

People under Hitler

People under Hitler

People under Hitler


If you inquire what the people are like here, I must answer, "The same as everywhere!"


He thinks too much; such men are dangerous .


The German people are so strong that they can even stand a Hitler.


THERE IS AN OLD SAYING that national character is the last resort of baffled historians, and certainly some of the judgments of national character in which historians (mostly amateurs) have indulged, and some of the uses to which these judgments have been put, seem to justify the reproach.

Thus the French are commonly supposed to be immoral, for example, the British supercilious, and the Italians excitable and credulous and childlike, whereas the truth of the matter is that the French are among the most moral of all peoples, the British among the shyest, and the Italians among the most skeptical, not to say cynical, with the skepticism and cynicism of a long history and, in this sense, of great age, and among the most difficult of all peoples to move to any real excitement or enthusiasm on any grounds whatever.

Misjudgments of national character like these have befuddled the study of national history and politics in positively startling measure. For these and other apocryphal qualities have been . . .

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