Sexualities and Homosexualities

Sexualities and Homosexualities

Sexualities and Homosexualities

Sexualities and Homosexualities


An examination of homosexuality and sexual deviations from a humanist perspective. The author concentrates on the complex relationship between erotic desire and erotic anxiety.


Dr Jaime Stubrin takes us into his confidence at the very beginning of his informative and thought- provoking book.

He begins with two questions:

Has everything that can be said about human sex life and in particular about sexual deviations already been said?

Do analysts claim to have all the answers to explain perversions, neosexualities, and the homosexualities?

The author then reassures us that he is not seeking to construct final definitions or conclusive answers to these problems. On the contrary, he hopes to arouse doubts and to lead his readers to question established and stereotyped psychoanalytic concepts, as well as trying to avoid an ideological or a judgemental attitude to those who have had to construct complicated deviations in order to attain a love relationship and sexual satisfaction.

Dr Stubrin's work exemplifies the dictum that it is more important to formulate questions than to produce answers.

The reader will be moved by the author's profoundly humanist attitude to all those who suffer psychologically . . .

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