Lorenzo in Taos

Lorenzo in Taos

Lorenzo in Taos

Lorenzo in Taos


Dear Jeffers--

This book tries to show you how we felt and acted some years ago.

When Frieda read it, she wrote me: "But Lorenzo was not like that any more. Taos changed him. . . ."

I told her that I could only tell in these pages how we all were then, that I had lived through the time we passed together here and recorded it, and so this recollection is only of the painful days that brought about changes in us all and not of the change itself. It tells of the process of change, of the permutations of the spirit worked upon by spirit. It does not end happily with all of us united once more, chastened and disciplined, for life is not concerned with results, but only with Being and Becoming.


Taos, June 1931 . . .

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