Toward a Better World

Toward a Better World

Toward a Better World

Toward a Better World


No country in the British Commonwealth of Nations has had a more colorful and romantic history than the Union of South Africa and no other country presents so many complexities.

Much of South Africa's history is typified in the almost legendary life of Jan Christiaan Smuts.

Winston Churchill was once this man's prisoner. Churchill, a war correspondent in the Anglo-Boer War, was captured by the Dutch Republican forces in which General Smuts was one of the officers.

Today they are both Prime Ministers.

Smuts once fought the British--today he is one of their greatest leaders.

He is the only British Field Marshal who is not British. Smuts is of Dutch descent.

He has a town in Palestine named after him (Ramat Jochanan Smuts) in recognition of friendship shown to Jews.

He was a friend of President Wilson and helped to found the League of Nations.

He is a soldier, statesman, philosopher, and scientist of world repute.

He is an admirer of Walt Whitman and has evolved a philosophy called "holism."

Today, at the apex of his career, South Africa occupies a worthy place in the ranks of the United Nations because . . .

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