The Changing U.S. Labor Market

The Changing U.S. Labor Market

The Changing U.S. Labor Market

The Changing U.S. Labor Market


The Eisenhower Center for the Conservation of Human Resources, Columbia University, has been engaged since shortly before the outbreak of World War II in the ongoing study of the nation's changing labor force and labor market.

In more recent decades it has focused much of its research efforts on changes in the nation's demography, in particular blacks, immigrants, and older workers. A second focus of the research staff has been on the transformation of the U.S. economy from manufacturing to business services, particularly within the context of parallel changes in city-suburban locational issues affecting both where people live and where they work.

A third area of concern has been in interaction between the changing urban labor market and the educational system that has the task of preparing children and young people for adulthood and work. Finally, The Eisenhower Center has devoted a great deal of its resources and efforts over the past several decades to evaluating the striking changes that have been taking place in the nation's health care system, including the explosive growth in its health care labor force.

The present volume provides the Eisenhower staff's best judgment of some of the most striking and important changes now under way in the nation's labor market. The volume does not pretend to be comprehensive but is focused on cutting-edge issues, most of which have escaped study in depth.

We are deeply appreciative of the ongoing support of the Ford Foundation, whose three-year grant made it possible for us to explore many new lines of investigation and further enabled us to prepare this volume.

Sylvia Leef and Shoshana Vasheetz oversaw the many details involved in turning authors' drafts into a publishable manuscript; we are greatly in their debt.

Eli Ginzberg, Director The Eisenhower Center for the Conservation of Human Resources Columbia University . . .

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