Erasmus, Utopia, and the Jesuits: Essays on the Outreach of Humanism


¿A collection of six studies that trace both the background and outreach of Erasmian humanism. Examining the early sixteenth century cultural shift from medieval scholasticism to the New Learning, the author confirms that humanism was not inimical to Christianity but adapted the best of classical antiquity to the biblical ideas and values as interpreted by the patristic tradition, especially Jerome and Hilary.¿ -Religious Studies Review Olin¿s focus in this collection of essays is the historical period of the early sixteenth century, the juncture of the Renaissance and the Reformation. Providing an in-depth alternative to the standard treatment ¿ so often limited to the classical revival ¿ this work concerns itself with the unique link between humanism and the great literary works of the period, and, in particular, the patristic scholarship inherent in Erasmus¿ ideals of reform. Olin specifically take into account the movements of New Learning and Humanism defining the cultural break between Medieval scholasticism and the renaissance of interest in the literature of antiquity.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1994


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