Selected Prose, 1909-1965

Selected Prose, 1909-1965

Selected Prose, 1909-1965

Selected Prose, 1909-1965


In making this selection, the author writes in his introduction to this paperback edition of early and out-of-print writings, 'my aim has been to show the unity of Ezra Pound's concerns.' The sixty-six pieces in Pound's Selected Prose 1909-1965 are arranged thematically, and while they are organized chronologically within several groupings, there are natural cross-currents of thoughts among them.


To tread delicately amid the scrapings from the cracker-barrel is no easy job and Mr. Cookson has made the best of it.

The volume would be more presentable had it been possible to remove 80% of the sentences beginning with the pronoun 'I' and more especially those with 'we'.

The substitution of 'I' by a comprehensive claim in which 'we' or one' is used to indicate a general law may be a pretentious attempt to expand a merely personal view into a universal law.

In sentences referring to groups or races 'they' should be used with great care.


I was out of focus, taking a symptom for a cause.

The cause is AVARICE.

Venice, 4th July, 1972


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