Make Light of It: Collected Stories

Make Light of It: Collected Stories

Make Light of It: Collected Stories

Make Light of It: Collected Stories


It was a picturesque old place on a back road at the bottom of a narrow valley. The roof was sound, though, so they could move in without great cost.

Bess took it fine. She brushed all her old life aside--all but her attachment to her children and friends--and buckled down to the job.

But Fred didn't improve and while the chicken business kept them from starving outright it did that and that was about all. They lived, they even got along pretty well, but they were on their uppers and what was going to happen next?

Then, one spring when the hens were going badly Fred had a hunch he wouldn't last through the year and refused to blow in his last few dollars on new birds. Bess pleaded with him, did everything she knew how to do to move him; turned right and left for aid, then gave up.

Now surely the poorhouse or worse seemed staring them in the face.

But the summer passed and in the fall--they still had the old Stutz--Bess started up a little apple business. It paid rather well.

One afternoon in the latter part of September, she set out for town a little earlier than usual and at the top of the back road stopped to leave some egg crates at one of the farms.

Mr. Tibbet walked back to the gate with her. It's a shame for a woman like you to be living down there, he was saying when they came up to the car.

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