Why Quit Our Own

Why Quit Our Own

Why Quit Our Own

Why Quit Our Own


This book has been conceived and written not in a partisan spirit but solely in an effort to take the question of national prosperity and well-being out of the realm of mere words and theory and to discuss them on the sure basis of fact.

I have started with the assumption that we as Americans have as our primary interest the welfare of the American people.

I have also assumed that our national well-being depends upon the ability of the various groups of our population freely to exchange man hours of labor on a basis of reasonable equality. This implies a balanced economy -- without any large, submerged sections of population. It also implies an American price system. To preserve an American economy, there must be an American price system that will be insulated so far as is humanly possible from outside influences.

The farm sections of the nation have been depressed and out of balance for a long time -- I have been calling attention to that danger since 1921. Foreign trade policies are inseparably bound up with attaining and preserving a balanced domestic economy. They are a part of farm policy. They are equally a part of labor policy. Organized labor has recognized the dangers of cheap, immigrant labor. But that labor entering as goods is even more dangerous, for the goods are not consumers and the immigrants are.

The attaining of a balanced domestic economy must proceed from a determination of the bookkeeping facts: it is not a matter of rhetoric. It may be necessary to debate certain policies after the simple bookkeeping facts are in hand. Certainly there is no point in debating without the facts.

But for some curious reason it has seemed best to those who have shaped both our farm and our foreign policies to proceed not only without facts but also in a spirit of antagonism to facts. In my capacity of Administrator of the Agricultural Adjustment Act and later as Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Trade, I tried to initiate policies based on the . . .

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